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Supply Chain Management

We proffer superb SCM services & solutions that are custom tailored to the constantly evolving needs of companies in a 21st century world. Our SCM solutions have been developed to aid both Procurement and Supply Chain practitioners in adding ample strategic value to their respective organizations and in turn gain board room attention.

Procurement Consulting

We provide professional procurement consulting services that help businesses and government agencies in making better business decisions. In the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, smart business leaders are increasingly looking to their procurement and SCM teams to drive down total life cycle costs whilst improving the quality of goods and services.

Logistics Management

Our team of experienced professionals are highly adept at developing vanguard logistics management solutions for forward-thinking organizations looking to ensure successful project executions and an unerring adherence to stipulated timelines and delivery schedules.

Community Capacity Building

We provide premier coaching, mentoring and professional guidance to supply chain, procurement and logistics practitioners at all career levels. We recognize that these are complex disciplines that remain untapped in many organizations & government establishments and provide blue ribbon services to deal with the various areas of challenge that our clients bring to our attention.

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