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Supply Chain Management & Analysis

Supply Chain Management processes can only deliver the desired benefits when executed as a coherent whole. We believe that a coordinated boardroom approach is therefore needed to achieve the desired synergies and mitigate potential project delays, execution failures and excessive costs.

Logistics Management Solutions

We can help your organization carry out the relevant opportunity framing workshops, reviews, audits & assessments to enable them in setting robust logistics management strategies to ensure successful project executions and on-schedule delivery with due regard to health, safety, environment and also host community/stakeholder expectations.

Contracting & Procurement Solutions

The need for transparency in business & government is being driven very strongly by stakeholders who are demanding greater and deeper scrutiny of procurement activities. We enable procurement and supply chain practitioners with the requisite acumen to add strategic value to their organizations.

Community Capacity Building

Our training and workshop services draw on the collective skills & experiences we’ve garnered from being at the forefront of the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry as well as the knowledge base and international experience of our overseas technical partners.

Amaryllis Consulting

We are a specialized and resolute consultancy firm established in Nigeria under the Company and Allied Matters Decree of 1990. We’re a multi-disciplined organization managed by a pool of experienced, highly adept and seasoned professionals with deep knowledge and practical experience in providing top quality Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Logistics solutions.

MCIPS Certified Expertise

We constantly draw on resources from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (CIPS) and other international training providers, as required. CIPS is the foremost international body promoting professionalism in procurement & supply chain management and serves as an agile reference point for purchasing & SCM best practices around the world.

Oil & Gas Industry Insight

With well over 22 years of superlative local, regional and international experience in the oil & gas industry, our team of adept professionals provide our clients with top-notch supply chain, procurement and logistics management solutions: practices, procedures and models – all designed to succinctly satisfy specific organizational needs.


World Bank standard SCM Solutions

We provide experienced Nigerian and Expatriate contractor personnel to provide various supply chain management services such as but not limited to: Supply Chain Competency Profiles, SCM Framework Development, Supply Chain Modelling & Analysis, Process Reviews & Compliance Audits, SCM Personnel Training, Vendor Appraisals, Negotiation Support and OEM representation for critical equipment & services.

Multinational Grade Professionalism

Over 20 years of solid local, regional and international experience in the oil & gas industry as well as the public procurement sector.

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